"The Sugar World" Welcome

The day I discovered "The Sugar World", I remember being surprised it really existed, curious how it all worked, and slightly embarrassed about my curiosity. After realizing I could keep my interest a secret and still explore the life of a sugar baby, I decided to give it a try. 

The first step for me was to figure out where I could find a sugar daddy. A few hours of research later, I quickly realized I didn't have the time or resources to try the traditional sugar daddy scouting method (ie: going to events/places where they will be). Instead I opted for a popular website for sugar daddy dating and setup a profile. 

I scoped out the competition on the site and seemed to be slightly "above average" in the looks dept. but I quickly realized that doesn't mean much. Its very important to know how to get these guys to give you what you want.

It was definitely time for some sugar baby 101..